What Our Customers Say

“My husband left me (passed away) in 2010, and I had to face the bringing up of our two kids who were still in their Primary School Education alone. Being a woman, I too, like many others, yearned for the love of a man who would love me and my children, and also take care of us for the many years we have ahead. Being a non-believer of Fengshui (we are of a religion that do not accept Fengshui’s presence), it never crossed my mind to seek a Master’s advice. 

Until I decided to give up after many failed relationships. I thought ‘why not?’, since moving on since my late husband’s demise hadn’t been smooth. 

In 2012, I engaged Master Andy, and told him of my situation – widowed with two kids, and problems with finding a suitable partner. He suggested to me to have my flat’s Fengshui checked. I agreed and made an appointment with him.

Long story short. Not only was he able to find out the positions of my furniture and exercise machines before and after my late husband’s death, he even knew about the guys’ motives whom I’ve dated after my late husband passed on. With my late husband’s date of birth, he also managed to find out that he died from loss of blood and accident, which I never told him about. We were not acquainted in any way. 

Today, I’ve moved to a new flat, because Master Andy explained to me why the previous house wasn’t suitable. Also, I’m happily married now, to a man who loves me, and most importantly, loves my children. You can be sure that my new flat was also audited by Master Andy.

P.S: During Master Andy’s audit, he asked about the health condition of my mom, who was staying with me at that time. I wondered why he asked, because she had been very healthy all along. He told me to pay attention to her health, and spend more time with her before I would regret it if I didn’t. Right before I moved to my new flat, my mom fell very sick and passed away peacefully in her sleep one day. All happened in a period as short as 2 weeks. Luckily for Master Andy’s advice, I do not regret not spending more time with her, because I did.”

– Sandra, 47, Tampines, Singapore, 2012

“I work as an outlet supervisor with a local jeweller. After buying the flat over from my parents, I engaged Master Andy to do an audit for my flat. 

He advised me on certain changes that were definitely not huge to cause any inconvenience, and I religiously followed his instructions. 

That very weekend that followed, I won huge in a mahjong session with my friends. Something that I had not experienced for very long prior that audit. Also, my brother and his wife, who had been staying with me and also giving me headaches due to their constant quarrels, moved out suddenly one day, and got themselves their new home. Work wise, I got transferred out of the outlet I was working in not long after, and found myself working in an outlet with better sales, and of course, that gave me a better portfolio.”

– Stacy, 43, Hougang, 2012

“I knew Master Andy for very long, not knowing he was a geomancer. After finalising my divorce, I moved to a new EC with my 3 grown up children. I told Master Andy about my family situation, and he offered to take a look at my children’s Birth Charts. 

He then informed me that my eldest son, who was a graduate from Raffles Institute, was going to find himself with financial calamity soon. He also told me about his character being too full of himself (Master Andy did not know about my son being a Raffles Institute’s graduate), which as a mother found it hard to accept. He told me that no matter what, he had to face it himself, and I shouldn’t help him. That would be a lesson that would grow him as a person. 

That problem came very soon; my son got into a debt of more than $6000 because he thought he was experienced enough to go into business venture with his friends. But he was only 24 years old with limited social experience!

As much as I wanted to help my son, I heeded Master Andy’s advice, and left him to resolve his own problems. Today, my son is more matured, and indeed, he is more filial as a son than the old him who would only come to me for money. 

Of course, my EC was audited by Master Andy.”

– Madam Law, 55,  Yishun, 2013

“Every knows me as the womaniser who frequents countries like Thailand or Indonesia. I admit that I was that kind of person. I spent money like there was no tomorrow, especially on women.

I got to know Master Andy through fate, and even though he did not do any life reading for me, he used my date and time of birth I gave him and gave me some advice. He suggested to me to wear a crystal bracelet with a zodiac that I never read about being suitable for my zodiac anywhere. Nevertheless, I followed.

Today, I find myself more humbled, and more soft spoken (regrettably, I was a pretty loud person). My heart is more calm now. I have since stopped travelling to Thailand, and my job is moving towards a better direction.”

– Mr Lee, 51, Bishan, 2014

“After the birth of my second son, my husband and I had been facing the problem many married couples face, namely issues in the bedroom. As much as I wanted to fulfil my duty as a wife, I couldn’t find the drive to ignite any passion in the bedroom. 

Master Andy read my birth chart, and explained to me the reasons behind my actions, the changes of my drive, and offered few solutions for me. I agreed and engaged him to help me in my problem.

Master Andy did a “Harmonise and Bond” (和合法) ritual (which was surprisingly simple, unlike those we often see on TVs or movies), and told me to wear the zodiac sign that would help me in bonding me and my husband. He also did a 守护神八字法 with a mini statue of a zodiac, and told me to place it at home. 

Today, I have gotten back the drive I needed to satisfy my husband, and the most surprising thing is, no matter how we quarrel, we’ll remember the love we have for each other the moment we go to bed. I find myself loving my husband more and more everyday, and that is, for a simple woman like me, my motivation in my life.”

– Wendy, 35, Ang Mo Kio, 2014

“My husband and I have been fighting for as long as I can remember. Since the day we were married to each other, we have been having disagreements, and we would literally fight when conversations just couldn’t get across. I just couldn’t listen to my husband; I was never a soft spoken woman. I was so opinionated, not even my husband could talk sense into me. Funny thing is, we fought from the days we were childless till our 3rd child was 7 years old. 

I engaged Master Andy regarding this problem, and he did a 守护神八字法, and told me to leave the consecrated zodiac in my closet. 

Soon, I found my temper getting better, and I am finally listening. Now, my husband and I go on regular movie dates, and we are disagreeing lesser and loving each other more.”

– Callie, 40, Woodlands, 2014

“My friend recommended me to Master Andy, and even though I did not have any major problems with my life or work, I went to him with hopes to better my life. 

Master Andy accurately predicted my character, my health (I was a heaty person; I get feverish easily), and the people around me, just through my date of birth. You can be sure I was surprised. 

I bought a crystal bracelet with zodiac pendent from Master Andy, and he consecrated the bracelet for me. The wonder works the very next day.

I was having some issues at work, and my superiors were not very polite to me due to some hiccups over a project. I was actually quite disturbed over that matter. Never did I realise that a simple wrist bracelet could do magic. 

The next day, I wore my bracelet to work, and to my surprise, my superiors and colleagues were very nice to me, and the problems I had got solved through the teamwork of my superiors, colleagues, and I. Things were smooth sailing for me since, until that day.

Another colleague of mine noticed the bracelet I was wearing, and though I do not know if he did it on purpose or not, he touched and rubbed the zodiac pendent of my bracelet. A feeling of discomfort followed and I felt an instant drop of ‘protection’ from my shoulders. Anxiety hit my through the day.

I went to Master Andy that evening, and told him of what happened. He smiled, shook his head, and took my bracelet from me for cleansing and recharge. 

I have to say, Master Andy’s recharging and consecration of pendents and statues are unique and effective. Things got back on track, and the feeling of the protection field was back.”

– Will, 36, Jurong West, 2014

“I work as a CFO for a MNC. On the outside, I may be the career woman who has no fear of anything. But nobody knew that deep in my heart, I feared for my marriage, and I was trembling inside me. 

To be frank, when I first met Master Andy, I wasn’t very convinced. With a look that young, how experience could he be? But still, I gave him a chance, and most importantly, gave myself a chance. 

He took a look at my birth chart, and also my husband’s. After analysing both charts, he recommended me a crystal bracelet, and also suggested doing some rituals that would help me. Because my husband isn’t a person who believes in this, I opted for the crystal bracelet that I could wear on my wrist. After consecration, I wore my bracelet and left. 

Today, even though my marriage is still on the cold side, I have learnt to let go of things I can’t control. Unlike before my session with Master Andy, I learnt to stay peace within me, and I am not as frustrated as before. One thing that I’ve learnt, and that is never to judge a book by its cover. Master Andy may look very young, but his knowledge might surpass many who are much older than him.”

– Susan, 43, Sengkang, 2014

“I was a bad tempered woman, I have to admit. The first time I saw Master Andy, I waited for more than an hour, and I blamed him for the wait even though my visit was an impromptu one. 

He patiently sat me in his room, and looked at my birth chart. By the end of the session, he pointed out all the problems I have as a person that I did not know, and also my relationship with my friends and my husband. I was sold.

I bought a dragon pendent from him through his recommendations, and after wearing for less than 2 weeks, I found myself striking 4Ds on a very much regular basis. Something I have not experienced for many years. 

More than 10 years ago, I engaged another Master to audit my flat, and after his audit until I met Master Andy, I had not struck at lottery at all. I couldn’t believe it that it took just a wrist bracelet to make surprises happen. 

Today, I’m a regular customer of Master Andy, and he is the number one go-to person for me.”

– May, 50, Ang Mo Kio, 2014

“I am a Singaporean running a business in Shanghai, China. Master Andy is the master that I will always go to, even though there are many competent ones here where I work. Here’s why:

My sister brought me and my partner’s birth details to Master Andy, and Master Andy advised that the partner wouldn’t help me much in the business, and he might even be the person I will go into lawsuit with. My sister bought a bracelet that is suitable for me based on my Eight Characters and had it delivered to Shanghai for me. 

As what Master Andy said, soon I got into a dispute with my then partner, and we almost went o court. That bracelet arrived in time, and surprise came when my ex-partner amicably offered to dissolve our partnership. Things went better than expected. 

Now my business is growing, and even though I am still not able to afford Master Andy to visit my office in Shanghai, he did an audit of my office based on my floorplan, and we communicated via email and phone calls. I knew my sister did not recommend me the wrong person.”

– Yu Zhi, 43, Shanghai, 2014

“As a muslim, I do not believe in Fengshui, but I love having Lucky Paintings in my house. I bought a Money Tree painting from Master Andy, and even though I wasn’t suppose to believe in it, I asked for his help in blessing the painting and also the bracelet I bought from him based on my birth details. 

When I next saw him, he asked how much I have struck from 4D. I was surprised. He then explained that many of his clients have struck 4Ds, and he was confident that I would too. 

To be honest, yes I did.”

– Rozy, 46, Hougang, 2014

“My sis recommended me to Master Andy, and during our session, I asked him about my marriage which I thought was having problems. 

Master Andy asked for my husband’s birth details, and after looking at both charts, he looked at me and said,’ Problem doesn’t lie on your husband; it lies on you. You’re giving up.’

Imagine my surprise. I thought hard about it, and yes, I have to say, the problem was on me.”

– Kelly, 42, Yishun, 2014

“I sent my birth details to Master Andy through his colleague, with hopes to buy a bracelet that would be suitable for me. It came as a surprise when his colleague called me and asked,’ Master asks about your father’s health.’

My father’s health wasn’t good, and I was of course shocked when I was asked that question. I arranged for a consultation session with Master Andy immediately that evening. 

After getting my father’s birth details, Master Andy accurately described my father’s character, and his unwillingness in seeking medical treatment and his illness. I was in awe.”

– Samantha, 36, Sembawang, 2014

“I went to Master Andy with just the hopes of finding my favourable element of my birth, and after reading my birth chart, he asked if I have any medical problems surrounding my legs, particularly my bones. I told him I had a joint surgery just 2 years back. I went on to buy a crystal bracelet from him that would aid my health, and to my surprise, not only did it make me feel better as a person, it also made my career better. 

The next time I went to Master Andy, I brought to him my mother’s birth details, and asked him to recommend a crystal bracelet for my mom. After buying the bracelet, I left and went for home. 

2 weeks later, my mother struck first prize in 4D, and won herself $10,000. Imagine how happy she was.”

– Kenny, 32, Ang Mo Kio, 2014

“My husband bought a crystal bracelet from Master Andy with my date of birth, and gave it to me as a present. I struck 4D starters the very weekend, and won myself $500. 

For a person who doesn’t bet much, buying once and striking is a big deal.”

– Wendy, 35, Clementi, 2014

“I visited Master Andy on a Saturday, and had my life analysis done by him. After the session, I asked him what should I use to improve my luck, because recent years, not only have I not seen myself winning any lottery, my superiors at work were also giving me problems. 

Master Andy correctly predicted the zodiacs of my superiors, and suggested me to use a Rabbit Zodiac pendent and crystal pendent. I bought the bracelet, even though I felt a pinch in my heart. 

I struck 4D on that weekend that followed, and I got back what I’ve paid for. I was so happy that I gave Master Andy a call, and told him I’d look for him if I were to strike again. 

One month later, I struck the first prize. Of course I went back to him!”

– Linda, 54, Yishun, 2014.

 “My husband never worked, and I was the one bringing the bread home. Not only that, he treated me badly, taking my contribution to the family for granted. Because of my low self esteem, I lied about many things regarding my family, including my relationship with my own mother. 

My colleague asked if I would like to have my birth details analysed by Master Andy, and being Christian, I did not want to pay him a visit. But still, I gave my birth date and time to my friend, hoping that she’ll pass the information to Master Andy. 

The next day, my colleague came to me and asked if I had been truthful, because Master Andy told her I wasn’t close to my mother. This, he was very right. I had been lying.

Master Andy also knew of my gastric issues I have been having, and this was something not even my colleague knew about. I asked for the price of a bracelet that might help me.

Now, after wearing the bracelet I bought from Master Andy, my husband got himself a job, and he is so much more mellow than before.”

– Firvin, 38, Dover, 2014

“I was never a popular guy. No matter how my friends, family, ex-girlfriends, or acquaintances said to me that I look good, I never had the opportunity to be the ‘Mr Popular’ who would get exceptional good services or even extra glance from the people who walked past me on the streets. Even though I had a brief period when I was very popular with ladies, that vanished very soon before I knew it.

One day, I went to consult Master Andy in regards to this puzzling thing that happened to me, and Master Andy explained to me, through my birth details, that I wasn’t born with ‘Peach Blossom’ in my birth chart, and even though I am good looking (according to my friends), I lack the luck to have the attention of anyone. That brief period I ‘enjoyed’ was because it just so happened to be my Peach Blossom Luck Cycle (桃花运). I finally understood that looks and being popular are not very much correlated.

Master Andy went on to do a 人缘法 for me, and gave me an amulet with instructions for me to carry along everywhere I go. Now, as a person doing sales for a living, that really changed my life. Not only are there people holding the door, holding the lift, there are also people who smile at me on the streets. My sales are picking up, and my accounts with my clients are growing. My schedule is so much more packed than before, and that’s a happy problem for me.”

-John, 32, Ang Mo Kio, 2014

“Master Andy did an life analysis for me, and during the session, I asked him if there would be any lottery luck, because for many years, I have not seen myself striking any prize at all.

Master Andy told me to hold on, because from my birth chart, my wealth luck is already in. Striking 4D is just a matter of time. I left without buying anything from him. 

A month later, I really struck 4D, and it was the first prize. Not bragging or exaggerating, but I won $90,000 from that ticket.”

– Cassandra, 46, Choa Chu Kang, 2014