Master AndyFengshui, literally translated as “Wind Water”, is the art of tapping into the intangible energies from our tangible environment to improve our health and luck. Basically, it is for a better living. The words, “Wind” and “Water” derives from the principle of “Qi” (气) that scatters with the Wind, and settles with Water (气乘风则散,遇水则止). “Qi”, in Fengshui, refers to the cosmic energy, or simply energy as what we would explain to our clients.

There are a few disciplines or schools in the art of Fengshui. The common ones that we see nowadays are:

  • Xuan Kong Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
  • Xuan Kong Art of 65 Gua (Xuan Kong Da Gua)
  • Ba Zhai Fengshui (Eight Mansions Fengshui)
  • Eight Formation of Dragon Gate (Long men Ba Fa)

Main question is: Does Fengshui, regardless of discipline, work?

Maybe it does, or perhaps, maybe it doesn’t?

Many years ago, I was as sceptical about Fengshui as many of us are. Once holding the position of a department manager at a very young age of 24, I was just like any young and accomplished corporate climbers – proud and full of myself. I was at a level which many of my peers couldn’t reach by that age, and what (and who) else did I have to worry about?

Until fate proved me wrong.

A series of unfortunate events made me look at life from very different perspectives. Life wasn’t, and never will be, made up of simple formulas such as 1 + 1 = 2. I didn’t know, and I couldn’t believe what was happening around me. All I knew then was that I was in control of my own life, and who (and what) else could make things change?

In a way, I wasn’t wrong, really. Everyone is in control of his or her life, including you and me. But other than controlling our life – through hard work and determination – what else is, or are there, to decide if the path we are walking on is muddy or solid?

It doesn’t matter if our luck is good or bad – we have to work hard, and that’s a fact. But have you ever seen anyone who, no matter how hard he or she works, is still standing on the same ground as he or she has been standing for the past many years? I was almost that guy who was surrounded by futility.

Then I met him – the person who would change my life. He advised me on the situation I was in, and guided me into doing what I needed to do to get myself out of the bad times, and soon (by soon, I mean very soon), I was out of that situation that had been troubling me for many months. He left my life after that, and I never had the chance to thank him.

That episode in my life made me hungry for knowledge in the intangibles, and I started my journey in learning about life and its unseen. I went into reading and consulting various masters from Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, including Vedic Astrology practitioners, and got myself a considerably good foundation in life analysis reading, until I met my master who would teach, sharpen, and broaden my knowledge. Other than teaching me the many ways of identifying and curing of many different types of bad luck, he also imparted his knowledge of Xuan Kong Fengshui to me selflessly. I, of course, was more than happy to learn from this master whom I would see him as my father.

After my learning, I went on to establish Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy, bringing what I’ve learnt to my clients with hopes of bettering their lives. Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy has been going on for 4 years and counting, and the number of our satisfied customers are growing as you are reading this page.

Many years have passed, and with the many good reviews and smiling faces I have seen, I know I have not learnt the wrong stuffs, and most importantly, I am not in the wrong business. And after seeing so many improvements that we have made possible through the art of Life Analysis and Fengshui, there can only be one answer to the question that – maybe – is still bugging you.

Does Fengshui work? 

Yes, it does. 







Master Andy, Founder and Principal Consultant

Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy