Lucky Pendants (吉祥牌)

What’s available:

White Jade Dragon Pendant

Item code JPD001
Item Code: JPD001
– 5cm diameter – SGD$38.00 Order Now

Black Green Jade PiXiu Pendant

Item code JPP021
Item Code: JPP021
– 4cm X 3.5cm – SGD$28.00 Order Now

Black Green Jade PiXiu
Item code JPP022
Item Code: JPP022
– 5cm diameter – SGD$28.00 Order Now

Jade PiXiu Pendant
Item code JPP001
Item Code: JPP001
– 4.3cm X 2.7cm – SGD38.00 Order Now

Black Green Jade Twin PiXiu Pendant
Item code JPP023
Item Code: JPP023
– 4.5cm X 3.7cm – SGD$38.00 Order Now

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All pendants come with a pendant pouch!

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