Advance XuanKong FengShui

XuanKong Flying Star, also known as XuanKong FeiXing (玄空飞星), is one of the disciplines in FengShui practice. Using the principles of Yin and Yang, five elements, eight trigrams, Lo Shu numbers and the 24 Mountains, it is used to create an astrological chart to analyze the various auras of a premise. While it is commonly used for the livings, XuanKong FengShui is also applicable to grave sites.
Now available in English, everyone can now learn this unique art of FengShui popularized during the Qing Dynasty!

Certificate in Advance XuanKong FengShui (Express)
Language: English


Pre-requisites – Certificate in Intermediate XuanKong FengShui

Confirmed enrolment is based on full payment of course fee. However, registration does not guarantee enrolment to the course.


Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to participants with minimum 75% of attendance.


Course fee

a) SGD$350.00
b) SGD$400.00


-To be determined-


2 Lessons (Total: 16hours); 2 days, 9am to 6pm


-To be determined-

Closing Date: -NA-

For Cheque Payment :

a) Download form here
b) Mail the completed form with cheque payment made payable to Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy

For Online Payment :

a) Download form here
b) Click here for payment via Paypal
c) Email us your payment reference number and the completed form to


In the event that Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy cancels the course, applicants will be notified and where applicable, the full fees will be refund.

In the event that any participants would like to cancel in participating the course, a written cancellation will be required:
-2 weeks before the commencement of the course – full refund will be made;
-less than 2 weeks before commencement of the course – 50% of course fee will be refunded;
-after the commencement of the course – no refunds will be made.
-An administrative charge of $15 will be imposed for any returned cheques

Participants may choose to transfer to other courses conducted by Feng Life Analysis and FengShui Consultancy, with the same fees amount, only before the course commence.
A replacement of the participant can be made any time before the course commences.

-We are in the midst of preparing new courses for you. Please have some patience. Meanwhile, you may wish to subscribe to us for our updates.-

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