Frequently Asked Questions

How is an audit done?

  • An audit is done by understanding the physical environment of the premise and the exact sitting / facing directions (NSEW) using the Fengshui compass. Based on the discipline of Xuan Kong Flying Stars, the premise is then further divided into 9 grids in order to find the adequate sectors to be “used”.

What do we need to provide?

  • We would need exact information such as the date of birth of the occupiers, floor-plan of the premise to be audited and moving-in date (for new premises) or renovation completion date. 

How is it done?

  • An audit will consists of 2 trips. The first trip would be to gather information of the premise, studying of external environment and current furniture layout (for existing household / offices). The second trip is to advice our clients (it could be you) the energies of various sectors, and the way to boost or reduce the fields in the premise. That would be of course, with a report for your future reference.

Why can’t we have 2 audits in the same day?

  • We need to have thorough understanding of the premise, and that takes time. After our first visit, we will examine the environment with the Stars Chart, and work on the layout that suits you best. We would only be able to advice you once we have a clear understanding of the environment, and upon the completion of your report. 

Why do some masters complete audits in a day?

  • Fengshui, like many Chinese arts, consists of various disciplines. We cannot comment on disciplines other that the one that we practise. However, we do not deny that some very experienced masters are able to accurately analyse a site.

Do you up-sell lucky items after an audit?

  • No, we don’t. 

Is Fengshui a superstition?

  • Fengshui, is the art of understanding a premise based on the positions of the stars during the “birth” of the premise. It is about the scientific laws of nature, in Chinese. That makes the whole practise sound religious. But it is in no way anything superstitious. 

After an audit is done, will you advice me to pray to certain deities or gods for better luck?

  • As said, Fengshui is about understanding the premise, nothing religious. You are free to choose your faith. But we do advocate our clients to have faith in their own beliefs.

Questions unanswered? Drop us an email and we would be glad to answer them for you. 

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