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Founder, Principal Consultant – Andy Founder, Feng Life Analysis & FengShui Consultancy

It was a series of unfortunate events, that prompted our Sales and Operations Manager, Andy, to look into life from a very different perspective. Through guidances from an anonymous master, he learnt that life is not always a formula of 1 + 1 = 2. That triggered his hunger for knowledge in Eight Characters Reading, or Four Pillars of Destiny (四柱八字命理学). Through his journey to seek the knowledge of life destiny, he went deep into reading and consulting various masters from Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan including Vedic Astrology practitioners, getting himself a good foundation in life analysis reading.

Commonly known as BaZi, life analysis reading can accurately predict one’s luck cycles. Together with the correct analysis of individual’s characters, series of events that are likely to happen are predictable. That gave Andy a good rapport between him and his friends, making him the “adviser” amongst his social circle. Soon enough, clients by word of mouth, started contacting Andy for their BaZi analysis and advises in their life. He soon moved forward to learning the art of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Fengshui, and further expanded his knowledge in the metaphysics field. Understanding that life is unchangeable, he focus on advising good Fengshui environment to enhance better living.

Officially established in 2011, Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy now provides consultation in FengShui audits and Life Analysis. In view to bring FengShui practice to greater heights, Feng Life Analysis and Fengshui Consultancy is also moving towards providing courses for enthusiasts who are interested in learning these arts with over 3500 years of history!

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