Pi Xiu (貔貅)

PiXiu(貔貅), also known as Tian Lu (天祿), is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered to be a very powerful protector to practitioners of Feng Shui. Pi Xiu takes on the resemblance of a winged lion. Particularly influential and auspicious, it is definitely a creature for wealth with a voracious appetite towards only gold and silver, and highly capable of drawing Cai Qi (財氣 wealth) from all directions. It takes charge of wealth in the family or office that is displaying them and prevents wealth from flowing away. Although mainly for wealth guarding, Pi Xiu is also very capable in diffusing negative energies (Qi) in the house or office, and brings in harmony in the family or workplace.

Pi Xiu is the ninth offspring of the dragon, craves the smell of gold and silver and it likes to bring his master money in his mouth. Legend has it that due to its violation of the heaven rules, the Jade Emperor punished it by restricting the pixiu’s diet to gold, and prevented the creature from defecating by sealing its anus. Thus, pixiu can only absorb gold, but cannot expel it. This is the origin of Pi Xiu’s status as a symbol of the acquisition and preservation of wealth. Also known as “only in, but no out” in Chinese. (有进没出)

In FengShui, Pi Xiu is the heavenly variation of a particularly powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. He is said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). During China’s history, Pi Xiu were commonly displayed in ancient architecture to ward off Yin Qi (陰氣) and to harness auspicious Qi. The statues of a Pixiu are commonly found on the four corners of the roofs of houses:
-usually houses of important people such as the emperor. The Pixiu is lined 5th, behind the dragon, phoenix, winged horse and sea horse. In ancient China, statues of Pi Xiu were also used as tomb guardians.

For attracting wealth, one may place it at the desired wealth area such as attractive wealth area or accumulative wealth area. Do not place Tian Lu facing directly on any person like a confronting position. Ideally, Tien Lu should not be place on the floor but it should never be place above eye level.

Today, Pi Xiu is being worn by many as pendant, as it is believed that being the protector, Pi Xiu protects the wearer against all harms. With the capability to absorb wealth and luck, everyone wishes to have one with them everywhere!

Do you know…..?
There are 2 types of PiXiu.
TianLu (天禄), with only a single horn on its head, is mainly used for wealth and FengShui purpose. It is being displayed in residential homes of many FengShui practitioners and enthusiasts, for drawing wealth and appeasing the Grand Duke.
Pi Xie (辟邪), with 2 horns on its head, is used only in graveyards, in ensuring the energy fields of the YIN environment. It is not to be displayed in the homes of the living, as the energy fields will be disrupted, causing unnecessary bad FengShui and luck disturbances.

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