Some Tips for Li Chun 立春

201306131217240504/02/2015 marks the start of the Wooden Ram, also known as Spring (Li Chun) 立春. According to the metaphysical calculations, this is also the actual New Year when the changes in the annual Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (天干地支) took place. So, what can we expect, and what will be happening?

Essentially, it means the new year and the new luck for everyone. If you have been following / consulting masters in regards to your annual luck based on your date of birth or Eight Characters, Li Chun is the day when your luck, according to annual stars, change.

Some tips for everyone:

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1) Make sure there are sufficient cash in your wallet / purse / bags. This symbolizes a wealthy start, and abundance for the rest of the year.


2) Wear the outfit of your lucky color to work, new clothes if possible. This kicks start a lucky year! (if you don’t know your lucky color, then wear red, which represents 红运当头)


3) Go to work, keep yourself busy. Having a work / job at the start of the new year means that you will continue to have job security throughout.


4) Control your temper. Anger lowers our luck, and we won’t want that during the start of new year, do we?


5) Keep your house clean and tidy. Clutters obstructs the flow of Qi, and while the new flying stars are positioning themselves, don’t we want the best environment that we can?


6) Go to your faith. No matter if you are a Christian, Taoist, or Buddhist. Praying to your faith keeps you under the favorable energies of the Universe, and they will protect you from harm or danger.


7) Make new friends. We always welcome new friends than foes in our life, don’t we? This day especially, symbolizes having good social circle 人缘 (interpersonal-relationship)


8) Avoid scary movies / thrills. A moment of thrill / scare actually lowers our luck. You sure would not want that to start your new year!

Wishing all the best in this coming Wooden Goat (乙未) year!